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Operations Branch

The Operations Branch consists of three teams: Electronics Maintenance, Radar Support, and Radar Test. Two of these teams staff the WSR-88D Hotline. Below is a description of each:

WSR-88D Hotline

The WSR-88D Hotline provides continuously available, expert consultation to all WSR-88D sites. Government personnel at field sites are welcome and always encouraged to call us with any questions or problems related to the WSR-88D or it’s interfacing to other agency systems. All problems reported to us are logged and tracked until they are resolved, and all call records are kept confidential within the ROC. Our continuous goal is to make our users more effective by providing quick, accurate, courteous answers. User feedback and suggestions regarding our services is always welcome by the ROC Radar Support Team Leader at 405-573-8815.

For more information, see the Hotline related information pages

Electronics Maintenance Team

In addition to working the Hotline, the EMT staff:
  • Maintains the ROC Testbed Radar and software development systems
  • Provides depot-level maintenance for major system failures and complex outages
  • Provides expert maintenance reviews of system technical manuals, modification notes, and change requests for the NEXRAD Program

Radar Support Team

In addition to working the Hotline, the RST staff:
  • Manages Hotline services
  • Administers all agency remote dialup communications authorizations
  • Provides expert operations reviews of system technical manuals, modification notes, and change requests for the NEXRAD Program
  • Manages and operates all Hotline automated systems, including hourly status polling of all field systems

Radar Test Team

Some of the RTT duties include:
  • Schedules, operates, and manages the ROC WSR-88D test bed system
  • Tests all system software and hardware enhancements prior to field implementation
  • Collects and analyzes system performance data