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NWS WSR-88D Level III Data Collection and Distribution Network Information

View the CURRENT Level III Radar Site
FTP Gateway Directory and File Description
Current Level III Data FTP Gateway and File Description Info
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Download RECENT Level III data from the Radar
Product Central Collection Dissemination Service’s
FTP Gateway
Download ARCHIVED Level III data from
NCDC NEXRAD Data Inventory
Recent Level III Data from RPCCDS Archived Level III Data from NCDC
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What are Level III data?
Level III data are the output product data of the Radar Product Generator. The products assist forecasters and others in weather analysis, forecasts, warnings and weather tracking. The pre-defined list of products are provided electronically in near real-time to the NWS Radar Product Central Collection Dissemination Service (RPCCDS) ( The products are archived by the National Climatic Data Center and available via FTP download ( Level III data are continuously transmitted and archived from 156 operational WSR-88Ds including all DOC and DOT WSR-88D systems, and all but four of the DoD non-CONUS WSR-88D systems. The interface control document describing the Level III format (ICD For RPG to CLASS 1 User – Build 12.1) is available at:

Changes That May Impact RPCCDS Users