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NEXRAD and TDWR Radar Locations and Coverage
Maps, below, show existing radar locations and full volumetric coverage for all operation NEXRAD WSR-88D and TDWR sites. Beam heights were calculated using a standard atmospheric refractive index of 1.21 and the Half-Power Beamwidth. Associated terrain data were publicly available through USGS.
  • A full volume of WSR-88D data includes all standard elevation angles from VCP 12 starting with 0.5 degrees going through 19.5 degrees out to 300 km in range. Locations using a Base tilt have the additional coverage included. Refer to the latest Interface Control Document for the RDA/RPG for more details on elevation angles and Base Tilts.
  • A full volume of TDWR data includes all site-specific operational angles out to 230 km in range.
Disclaimer: These data are current as of the Version date listed below. At this time, we cannot support requests for customized shapefiles, modifications to existing files, or updates beyond what is currently available. Use at your own risk.

Version: 20240108
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USA Coverage
Shapefile of WSR-88D bottom-of-beam heights in layers of 1,000 ft up to 20,000 ft (500 MB)
USA Coverage
Shapefile of TDWR bottom-of-beam heights in layers of 1,000 ft up to 10,000 ft (60 MB)
Worldwide Coverage