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Service Life Extension Program

The WSR-88D was originally designed for a 20 year service life. Most systems in the field are now approaching that point. This program provides technology refresh and depot level overhaul of necessary subsystems to ensure the system can perform reliably for another 20 years.

Signal Processor

The current signal processor will be replaced with a new, state of the art digital signal processor capable of supporting algorithm upgrades for the foreseeable future. The new signal processor and interface panel will incorporate the antenna positioning control functions in software, eliminating the Digital Control Unit, which provides that functionality in hardware. The new interface panel will also eliminate the current Data Acquisition Unit, which interfaces the computer to system sensors such as backup generator fuel level, temperature sensors, etc. Deployment of the new signal processor is currently scheduled to begin in FY16.


The radar transmitter will be refurbished with a redesigned modulator, new electrical backplane and control circuitry, new internal cabling, electrical filter capacitors, circuit breakers, indicator lamp fixtures, etc. The modulator development effort is completed. Development effort for the rest of the project will be ramping up over the next few years. A deployment date has not yet been set.


The pedestal refurbishment project will replace all fielded antenna pedestals with factory-refurbished pedestals. All drive gears, motors, position sensors will be replaced with new equipment. Waveguide components and the radome will also be replaced. This project will take the longest to implement, because each pedestal in the field will be removed, refurbished, and installed in another field site in a round robin fashion. Limited seed stock limits the number of pedestals that can be in the refurbishment process at one time. Development work has not yet begun for this project.

Equipment Shelters

The radar equipment shelters, backup generator shelters, and TPMS shelters will be refurbished on site. This project includes the roof, external vent hoods, doors, caulking, paint. The work will be contracted. A date has not yet been set.