Inspection of Antenna Pedestal Sip Ring Drive Assembly 
Modified Trigger Amplifier Installation 
Inspection of the Location of the Codex 2260 and 2264 Modems 
Inspection and Replacement of Radome Heater Bolt 
Inspect Azimuth and Elevation for Oil Leaks 
Changing Dip Switch Setting for PUP Auto Call Unit 
Installation of Temperature Sensing Labels 
Inspection of Transmitter Arc Detector 
10  Application of Polysulfide Sealant to the Azimuth and Elevation Motor Housing 
12  Adjustment of RDA Shelter Air Conditioning Units 
13  Publication Change Request (PCR) 
14  Inspect DC Modules in the Swing Out Power Supply 
15  Calibration of RDA to Achieve Require Reflectivity Accuracy 
16  Inspect/Replace RF Frequency Generator 
17  Calibration of Redundant RDA Group to Achieve Required Reflectivity Accuracy 
18  IF Attenuator Step Size Tolerance Changes 
19  RDA 5 Volt Power Supply (UD5PS4) Fuse Replacement 
20  Return of One Spare CDT 100 to the National Logistics Support Center 
21  Deletion of Compressed Air for Slip Ring Cleaning 
22  Inspection of Antenna Counterweight Mounting Hardware 
23  Vacuum Cleaner with a Hepa Filter for Slip Ring Cleaning 
24  Replacement of Transmitter Parameter Record Card 
25  Inspection of the Azimuth and Elevation Gearbox Housings for Oil Leaks and Bolt Tightness 
27  Test Pattern Warning Tag 
28  Inspection for RF Leakage in the Equipment Shelter 
29  Removal of Transition Power Maintenance Shelter Environmental Control Unit Drain Plug 
30  Noise Source, RF Test Attenuator, and Solar Calibration 
31  Bard Air Conditioning Unit Condenser Motor Wiring 
32  CSU Configuration Standardization 
33  Inspection of the Azimuth and Elevation Gearbox Housing Bolts for Safety Wire 
35  Replacement of Safety Belt, Harness and Lanyard for Climbing the Antenna 
36  Inspection of On-Site Pedestal Gearbox Oil and Transmitter Oil 
37  Main Power Distribution Panel Warning Label 
38  Installation of an Eye Wash Station in the TPMS 
39  MSCF and RDA Remote Terminal Security Procedures 
40  Radome Entry Lockout/Tagout Procedures 
42  Radar Data Acquisition (RDA) Remote Terminal Security Procedures 
45  Stowing of Radome Maintenance Hatch Safety Railing 
46  Azimuth and Elevation Gearbox Oil Change Preventive Maintenance Instructions 
48  Configuration Change Process for the WSR-88D 
49  Open Radar Data Acquisition (ORDA) Post-Installation Inspection 
50  Inspection of System Waveguide Switches 
51  Installation of New Hydrogen Detector (UD60A10A1) Sensor Board 
52  Validation of System Matched Filter Losses 
53  Inspection of Redundant System DAU Power Supply Assemblies 
54  Relabeling Cable 4/104W107 
55  Inspection of Bandpass Filter UD4/104A4 
56  Radar Product Generator Save Log Capture 
57  Radar Data Acquisition Audit Archive Capture 
58  Inspection of Generator Shelter Power Distribution Panel (UD10A1) 
59  System Rules and Behavior and User Acknowledgment for WSR-88D Access 
60  Inspection and Correction of Generator Shelter Low Battery Alarm Wiring 
61  Return of Servo Amplifier Unit UD90A14 to the NRC 
62  WSR-88D Monitor and KVM Switch Bar Code Procedures 
63  WSR-88D Hard Hat Requirements 
65  Add Stability Devices to the Portable Ladder Located in the Radome 
66  WSR-88D Bar Code and Inventory Procedures for TPMS 
68  Deployment of SERD 116 Drain Hose Assembly and SERD 117 Data Package Gear Tool 
69  Distribution of Quick Adjusting Work Positioning Lanyard 
70  Add Power Strip to the RDA Laptop Kit 
71  RDA Router Clock Source Change with Verizon Commercial T1 Circuit 
72  Deploy Encoder Test Unit 
73  Deploy Self Retracting Lifeline 
74  Deploy 12 Foot Platform Ladder 
75  Fire Detection Discharge Time Change 
76  RDA Router Clock Source Change with Verizon Commercial T1 Circuit at KTLX 
78  Deploy 11-Foot Scaffolding 

As of Saturday, February 15, 2020