Date: 01:52PM, Thursday, November 19, 2015
Maintenance News Item

"Process qia CPU Utilization decreasing" Messages in the RPG Status Log

A few sites have received the following message in the RPG Status Log since RPG Build 16.0 was installed: "Process qia CPU Utilization decreasing."

After it begins, this message will repeat every 4 seconds. Since the message is considered an "RPG Error" message, it displays with a yellow background in the Status Log and on the Status line at the bottom of the RPG HCI.

Note that at least one site has received the message "Process veldeal CPU Utilization decreasing". This is the exact same issue with a different task identified.

These messages DO NOT mean that the task is about to crash. All products will continue to be generated by the RPG and sent to users. This is more of a "nuisance" alarm as it can fill the RPG Status Log.

If the message is occurring, simply restart the RPG software. This will reset the CPU usage counters and prevent the message. It is not necessary to reboot the RPG but doing so would also reset the counters.

To prevent the message from occurring, we recommend restarting the RPG software once a month (e.g., during 28-day PMIs).

To Restart RPG Software, perform the following on the RPG HCI. This can be done either at the RPG or MSCF. For NWS sites with a Distant MSCF to a DoD or FAA radar, this procedure can be performed from the Distant MSCF.

Long Term Solution: RPG Build 16.1 will correct this issue. Build 16.1 is currently scheduled to deploy in March/April 2016.

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