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FAA FTI IP NEXRAD to WARP Network Redesign to Facilitate Central Distribution Node (CDN) Topology

Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) 0622, "RE-ARCHITECTURE OF THE WSR-88D TO WARP INTERFACE", facilitated new dedicated connections between all CONUS WSR-88Ds, the four WSR-88Ds in Hawaii, and the Puerto Rico WSR-88D and FAA WARP Central Distribution Nodes (CDNs) located at Atlanta (ZTL) and Salt Lake City (ZLC). The CDN network architecture provides WSR-88D data redundancy to the FAA WARP network as illustrated in the link that follows.

WSR-88D to CDN Network Architecture

CDN connectivity was certified by the ROC in March 2013 and became fully supported beginning with RPG Build 13.2 The WSR-88D to Atlanta (ZTL) and Salt Lake City (ZLC) CDNs were turned-up on applicable RPGs beginning on Sept. 5th, 2013. or subsequently in the wake of the remaining RPGs installing Build 13.2

The CDN connections to the WSR-88D are logical, accomplished via IP addressing over the pre-existing Ethernet physical connection between the RPG and the FAA FTI router. The latter was phased into place by WSR-88D Mod Notes 96 and 101.

The CDN connections are seen on the RPG Product Distribution Comms Status (PDCS) screen as:

  • PDCS Line 22 adds a new reference to the "WARP CDN ATLANTA”.
  • PDCS Line 23 adds a new reference to the "WARP CDN SALT LAKE CITY”.

The latest projection from the FAA WARP Program is that the National NEXRAD Transition will take place during the first quarter of CY 2015, after which the FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) WARP systems will receive their WSR-88D data exclusively from both CDNs. PDCS Line 21 will become an FAA Program Support On-Demand port at that time.

As noted in the link to the Schedule below, the WARP Program, via their FTI telecoms Provider, have implemented port speed upgrades at many WSR-88Ds to support the increased bandwidth requirements of the new network architecture. Where no date is provided, FTI port speeds in general were increased earlier when the FAA ITWS (Integrated Teminal Weather System) systems transitioned their WSR-88D connections to FTI IP.

More details about the WARP National NEXRAD Transition will be provided before the transition takes place in early 2015.

Schedule (PDF)