Date:  10:55AM, Wednesday, April     11, 2018
       Engineering Technical Order

Verify the RDA LAN Switch is Located in the Correct Place

Please verify RDA LAN Switch UD90A5 is located in the left hand cabinet, 15.56 inches from the top of the cabinet, on the middle rail, with the Ethernet outlets facing the front of the cabinet.  It has come to our attention that some sites may have incorrectly mounted the RDA LAN switch to the front rail of the RDA cabinet.  Mounting the LAN switch in this position removes the RDA from our standard Configuration Management baseline.  More importantly, this situation will result in damage to the LAN switch cables located at the front of the switch (pinned when the front door is closed).

If the LAN switch is not located at this location, please correct this by moving it to the specified position.