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AWIPS RPS Lists Information for MRLE & Supplemental Low Elevation Scans

Background:When SAILS first deployed and select sites received modified VCP definition files to add an additional low-elevation scan below 0.5° (hereafter supplemental low elevation), the local AWIPS RPS Lists had to be modified to request these additional scans.

MRLE & Supplemental Low Elevation: Similar to SAILS, MRLE and the Supplemental scans will require local AWIPS RPS List updates. Unlike SAILS, the process has been streamlined since RPG Build 18. Below are instructions on how to make these modifications.

The National RPS List has recently been updated to incorporate MRLE. The following table shows which products are available with MRLE and Supplemental Low Elevation scans and which ones are included already in the National RPS List. If a product is not on the National RPS List, it will require an update to the local AWIPS RPS Lists.

Product Name Product Number/Mnemonic On National RPS List?
Super Res Reflectivity (Z) #153/SDR No
Super Res Velocity (V) #154/SDV No
Super Res Spec Width (SW) #155/SDW No
8-bit Refl Array (Z) #94/DR Yes, at or below 3.4°
8-bit Velocity Array (V) #99/DV Yes, at or below 3.4°
Differential Reflectivity (ZDR) #159/DZD Yes, at or below 3.4°
Correlation Coeff (CC) #161/DCC Yes, at or below 3.4°
Specific Diff Phase (KDP) #163/DKD Yes, at or below 3.4°
Hydrometeor Class (HC) #165/DHC Yes, at or below 3.4°
Melting Layer (ML) #166/ML Yes, at or below 3.4°
Raw CC (SDC) #167/SDC No
Raw PHIDP (SDP) #168/SDP No
Note that the Super Res SRM is generated by AWIPS based on the Super Res Velocity (SDV) product.

Since Super Res Reflectivity (Z) is not on the National RPS List, it requires an additional entry in the local AWIPS RPS Lists to generate this product. For example, if the current RPS List for VCP 212 is requesting all tilts of Super Res Reflectivity (Z) plus the SAILS cuts, the entry might look like the following in the RPS List Editor on AWIPS:

Super Res Reflectivity (Z), elev all
Super Res Reflectivity (Z), elev 0.5, Cuts All

To receive the MRLE cuts, this requires modifying the second entry to grab all cuts of the lowest 4 elevation angles which is the maximum number of elevations MRLE can scan. See the example below:

Super Res Reflectivity (Z), elev all
Super Res Reflectivity (Z), elev lowest 4 all cuts

Repeat this edit for all products that are not on the National RPS List for which MRLE cuts are desired.

NOTE: Cuts All does not mean "All cuts in the vertical" but instead means "additional cuts of this elevation angle" (i.e., the 0.5° cut). Also, you could request each elevation individually using Cuts All for each MRLE cut, but the option above requires the least amount of edits to the local AWIPS RPS List and keeps it more concise.

Editing the local AWIPS RPS Lists: The local AWIPS RPS Lists are stored in multiple locations on AWIPS. The updates for MRLE and Supplemental Low Elevation scans need to be made to the VCP 12, 212, & 215 files in ALL locations. The format of the information in the files are the same for all locations, but the filenames in some locations have a .rps appended to the end.

When the RPS List Editor is used as above, the file that is updated is located in the following directory:

  1. /home/<username>/caveData/common/site/<siteID>/rcm or /data/fxa/rps-lists
    • The editor defaults to the current user's /home/<username>/caveData/common/site/<siteID>/rcm directory. But this can (should) be changed to the /data/fxa/rps-lists directory
    • Files in these directories have the .rps extension.
    • Files in these directories are not automatically sent by AWIPS but can be manually downloaded to the RPG.
  2. These files MUST be copied to the following directory on DX1 and renamed accordingly.

  3. /awips2/rcm/data/config/drop-ins on dx1
    • These files are used when the VCP changes on the RPG (i.e., AWIPS automatically sends these files to the RPG).
    • Files in this directory use the following naming convention: KXXX.[storm|clear-air].VCP##. Notice that the .rps is dropped and the mode is added. (i.e. KAMA.storm.VCP12 or KDGX.clear-air.VCP32).

If a 'more' command is given to view one of the RPS list files, the example lines above show as:

Super Res Reflectivity (Z)       HZ     153 256    25 - 16384     -1 0 1N -1 -1 N     -1      0
Super Res Reflectivity (Z)       HZ     153 256    25 - 28676     -1 0 1N -1 -1 N     -1      0

The 5 digit numbers (i.e., 16384 and 28676) are RPG codes which define grabbing the requested elevations and all supplemental cuts.

Additional Notes:

  • If currently in VCP 12, 212, or 215, editing these lists do not automatically download them to the RPG. Download the modified list (using the RPG List Editor) to begin receiving the Super Res SAILS cuts.
  • If you encounter problems with an incorrect version of an RPS list being sent to the radar automatically upon VCP mode changes, first ensure that the files in /data/fxa/radar/lists (AWIPS-1) or /awips2/rcm/data/config/drop-ins (AWIPS-2) have the proper naming convention as noted above and contain the product(s) you are looking for. If you require further assistance, contact the AWIPS Network Control Facility (NCF).