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Questions & Comments


    ROC/SE receives many questions about how to do
    something or what something means.

    This page will attempt to answer these questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: I want to develop a new algorithm. Where can I find more information?

ANSWER: The Common Operations and Development Environment (CODE) is used to develop new algorithms for the WSR-88D. For more information, visit

QUESTION: How do I submit a Software CCR?

ANSWER: Refer to WPI0045, SW CCR Originator Instructions in Agile.

QUESTION: How do I know how to use a command line tool on the RPG?

ANSWER: Type the tool’s command followed by “-h”. This will display information explaining the syntax on how to use the tool. You may also view the man page for the tool by entering “man” followed by the tool’s command. The man page will contain more detailed information on what the tool is used for and how to use it. For example, entering “lb_mon –h” will display information about options available and the correct syntax to use lb_mon, and entering “man lb_mon” will display information about what the lb_mon can do as well as how to use it.

QUESTION: Can I get the radar data and view the images in a common web browser?

ANSWER: No, not directly. The radar data coming from the RDA/RPG is not in an image format (like jpg). The radar products are stored in a NEXRAD format defined in the Product Specifications. A NEXRAD formatted product can be converted into an image format like jpg with special rendering software. However, data and functionality provided in the original NEXRAD format will be lost. Therefore, ROC Engineering rarely converts and uses anything other then NEXRAD format. Some entities outside the ROC do choose to convert NEXRAD products into standard web browser images. These are used for basic functionality and viewing via http. For official forecasting, using original NEXRAD viewers with NEXRAD formats are recommended.

QUESTION: What coordinate system is used on NEXRAD products?

ANSWER: Products use a Cartesian coordinate system with the origin at the Latitude and Longitude of the radar. See Product Specifications for details.

QUESTION: How do you convert a position in NEXRAD X,Y coordinates within the site coverage area to a corresponding latitude and longitude?

ANSWER: One can use a formula similar to the one described here. However, there is no one perfect projection and a map maker must choose the one which best suits their needs.