Meteorological Algorithms – Hydromet Rate

Editing the Hydromet Rate Algorithm
1) At the RPG Control/Status window, click the Products button.

This action displays the RPG Products window.

RPG Control/Status window
- Products button

Products button - large view

2) At the RPG Products window, click the Algorithms button. 

This action displays the Algorithms editor.

RPG Products window
– Algorithms button
3)  At the Algorithms editor, click the editor lock button. 

This action displays the Password window.

Algorithms editor
- Lock button
4) In the Password window, click the appropriate Level of Change Authority (LOCA) button, then position the cursor in the Password entry field and click once. Within the entry field, type the designated password for the selected LOCA and press Enter.

This action unlocks the Algorithms editor for editing at the designated LOCA.

An unlocked state is indicated by a red unlocked padlock image on the lock button and blue edit options.

Note: Only those edit options available at the selected LOCA will be blue (and thus, editable).

LOCA buttons
Password entry field

Lock button unlocked at the URC LOCA
Light blue edit options
5) At the Algorithms editor, click the inverted triangle on the right side of the Adaptation Item button and select Hydromet Rate from the resultant drop down selection list.
Algorithms editor
- Adaptation Item button/inverted triangle

Adaptation Item drop down selection list
6) Edit algorithm parameters by clicking within the blue edit entry fields and entering the appropriate values.

Note: The range of permissible values for each parameter is located at the right of that parameter’s edit option.

Parameter Guidance

Edit entry fields
Parameter range of values

7) Click the Save button and select the appropriate response at the resultant Save warning popup.

Any changes made prior to saving can be cancelled by clicking the Undo button.

Caution: clicking the Undo button cancels all changes made prior to saving, and no warning popup accompanies this irreversible action.

Save and Undo buttons

Save warning popup
Note: Options to Restore and/or Update the baseline parameter information are available when the editor is initially unlocked and upon saving edits. Updating the baseline replaces it with the most recently saved (current) parameters. Restoring the baseline replaces the current parameters (those most recently saved) with the baseline.

Restore or Update the baseline data by clicking the respective button and selecting the appropriate response at the resultant warning popup.

Restore and Update buttons

Restore warning popup

Update warning popup